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Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time of year to clean out both your house and your body.  It is a time for renewal and rebirth.  During the winter months we tend to feast on more acidic food such as sugar, wheat, … Continue reading

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Be the BLING!

“The only way to save the environment is to save the environmentalist.” ~ Unknown Today is a typical morning in Southern California… the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and my dogs lay resting on the bed after our regular … Continue reading

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Radiation Protection

In light of our current crisis in Japan, I have agreed to post my information from Wellness Wednesday discussing how to protect yourself from ionizing isotopes (radiation). Radiation occurs when unstable molecules release energy that penetrates our skin and internal … Continue reading

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It’s not just water

We can all remember the days of high school chemistry class and learning the basic components of water, H2O: 2 hydrogen molecules attached to 1 oxygen molecule.  You may also remember that our bodies are composed of 70%-80% water and … Continue reading

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