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lower-back-painMany patients come to my office with low back pain.  It’s the most common reason to seek out chiropractic treatment.  The lower back is an area that’s commonly ignored in strength training and may become easily strained when doing summer time outdoor activities.  The first thing to get ready for summer activity is to drink water!  If you are prone to dehydration, add sea salt to your water.

Sea salt is rapidly becoming more popular, as more and more people are learning about all the health benefits that the salt has to offer. The salt is obtained naturally from the sea, and does not go through any processing that alters the natural make-up of the salt.

Thus it contains many essential trace minerals that your body needs in order to be healthy.

Muscle Spasms – Potassium and Magnesium are essential for helping the muscles to function properly. Sea salt and Trace Mineral Supplements not only contains potassium and magnesium, but it also help the body to absorb more water and hold it in the muscles to prevent muscle pains, spasms and cramps.

Strengthening exercises, as well as stretching, can help prevent injury and pain in the lower back. It is important to focus on the lower back muscles as well as those in areas that support the lower back. These include the stomach, hip flexors, and hamstrings (back of the thigh).  Here are a few to do daily.

back_stretching_exercises_routine1You may stretch every day once you’ve warmed up your muscles. Stretch smoothly, as opposed to bouncing, which can cause injury. For maximum effectiveness, each stretch needs to be held for at least fifteen to thirty seconds. Some examples of lower back stretching exercises include:

You can also choose structured exercises for strengthening your back. Yoga, for instance, is an excellent form of back strengthening physical activity. Many of the suggested stretches listed above are a part of poses and movements performed during a yoga session. Swimming is another excellent exercise for your back, because the buoyancy of the water offers some support.

Also, take notice of your posture. What position do you spend most of your time in when you are sitting, standing, and walking? For example, are you sitting at a desk throughout the day? If so, be aware of your posture. Make sure the ergonomics of your work set up are optimal for your body. If you have freedom to play with your workspace, consider using a balance ball as a desk chair even for part of the day. Sitting on a ball demands your posture to be proper and many of your torso muscles to stay active.

Hope you have a safe and happy summer!


Dr. Wendy

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