Enterovirus D68 and Essential Oils

It’s that time of year where kids come home from school with runny noses, sneezing, and typical symptoms of a cold.  This year a fast-spreading virus related to hand-foot-and-mouth disease is hospitalizing kids across the country.  Because it’s caused by a virus, and not bacteria, antibiotics don’t help. There is no vaccine to prevent it and no antiviral medication to treat it.  So what can you do?

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and have proven to be very effective in dealing with viruses.  Viruses are different from bacteria in the way that they reproduce.  Bacteria live outside of our cells and can multiply on their own.  Viruses need a host cell to replicate and only have one purpose or goal: to multiply. A disease caused by bacteria and a disease caused by a virus are two very different things. In order to get rid of an infectious disease, one must take antibiotics to kill off the bacteria and to cure the infectious disease. However, you cannot cure a disease caused by a virus.  Viruses lie dormant until they find a living “host cell” to latch onto. Once inside the cell, they take it hostage and force it to make copies of itself.  This is called viral replication.  Then they are released to infect more cells and start the replication process over again.

Modern research shows that essential oils have the ability to stop viruses from replicating and spreading.

Essential oils are unique in that they can enter into a cell that may be infected with a virus.  Once inside the cell, essential oils can stop viral replication and therefore stop viral infections from getting out of hand.  Modern research shows that essential oils can also interrupt the life cycle of bacteria. This is good, as secondary bacterial infections quite often follow viral infections.

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Be well and stay healthy!

Dr. Wendy


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