Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time of year to clean out both your house and your body.  It is a time for renewal and rebirth.  During the winter months we tend to feast on more acidic food such as sugar, wheat, animal proteins and even alcohol.  All of these foods cause the intestines to release more mucus, holding bacteria and viruses while preventing proper absorption of nutrients.  As a result we feel sluggish or even suffer abdominal pain from bloating and indigestion.  Some experience constipation and autointoxication where by the toxins released in the colon are reabsorbed into the blood stream, making us feel sick and tired.

When the body is overstressed with this toxic load, the liver may struggle to keep up.  If you are experiences allergies, headaches, nausea, irritability, foggy thinking, muscle tension, skin eruptions or itchiness, note that these are all signs of a stressed liver.  Women may experience PMS, fibroid tumors, or endometriosis as the liver is unable to process excess estrogen.

In Chinese medicine spring gives rise to the wood element, correlating to the liver and gallbladder.  The liver moves energy smoothly throughout the body and is responsible for cleansing and storing the blood.  Indigestion or nausea after a meal may indicate that your gallbladder is struggling and may need a flushing.  If you feel sharp pain under the right ribcage or between the shoulder blades it may be critical to detoxify and cleanse the gallbladder, as these are signs of possible stagnation or obstruction.

Now is the time to focus on your health as the body moves into a period of rebuilding.  Using drinks like the “Morning Cleansing Lemonade” every day is a great way to start flushing out the sludge in your intestines.  The drink below will help break down mucus, dissolve bad calcium, which may harbor harmful bacteria, and assist in ridding the body of chemicals and toxins absorbed from the environment.  Follow up with a “Green Goddess” juice every afternoon to assist in alkalizing your body.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Morning Cleansing Lemonade – put ingredients into a VitaMix or blender

1 Lemon – peeled

12 oz fresh spring water

1000 mg MSM

1 tsp Zeolite

1 Tbsp raw honey


Green Goddess – juice in juicer

1 Cucumber

3 Celery stalks

8 Kale leaves

1/4 (or more) cup Cilantro


~Dr. Wendy Norman~


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