Be the BLING!

The only way to save the environment is to save the environmentalist.” ~ Unknown

Today is a typical morning in Southern California… the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and my dogs lay resting on the bed after our regular morning walk in the park.  While hustling around the house and preparing for my day at the office, I often find myself intently listening to internet talks from some of my favorite health gurus.  Their authentic and energetic sermons are just what I need to prepare for a successful day.  These brief morning moments are rather important and a key to having a focused mind to create my intentions for the tasks set before me.

Today was a lesson from my favorite raw food guru, David Avocado Wolf, who reminded me of how important it is to take the time to care of myself before helping others.  I though I would share what was discussed.

In our lives we are so concerned with giving our energy away.  Caring for others becomes the priority over caring for ourselves and we wonder why we are not living the life we were meant to live. We devalue ourselves daily by giving away our mental vitality, physical health, and emotional stability to other people and situations.  We grow up believing that sacrificing ourselves for others is the most noble way to show you care.  In fact, we are often taught to feel guilty for putting ourselves first as if we are less valuable than others, but how can you possibly help someone else if you can’t help yourself?

Remember the advice you receive on an airplane… “Put on your air mask before helping the child next to you.”  Why would we not apply this tip to our daily lives?

Discovering that you can really create a change in your life and be a positive force in the world takes courage.  The courage to look inward is possibly the most important, yet most feared action for improving our lives.  However, realizing that YOU ARE VALUABLE suddenly turns the focus to inside ourselves which allows us to gain strength and vitality needed to create a positive shift in the entire world.

The more energy you build within you allows for more energy you can give to others.  You be come efficient in your service and clear on your purpose.  One of the most critical ways you can gain positive energy is by paying attention to what goes into your mouth.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  Did you know that by eating certain foods you can actually raise your vibrational level and emit more positive energy?  Taking care of ourselves meaning we need to feed our body high quality superfoods, like goji berries and raw cacao, and take time to rest our mental and emotional bodies.  Yoga has gained popularity for this exact reason.  People are seeking a break from the rat race and it’s working!

You deserve to BE THE BLING, not just wear it around on your body.  Give yourself permission to heal and radiate that vibrant light within.  Give yourself the best care so you can have the energy and mental strength to create the life of your dreams.  Upgrading your health is like upgrading the operating system on your computer.  Don’t be left behind by forgetting to get the new version of YOU.

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Dr. Wendy Norman


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2 Responses to Be the BLING!

  1. Michele Lesser says:

    Very nice, Dr. Norman. I am impressed.

  2. kat says:

    Hi Wendy, This was a great article and it really spoke to me I appreciate your posting. I would love to go to yoga sometime with you and try it out :) give me a call!

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